Blood Alcohol Concentration BAC: BAC Levels & Effects

These factors also affect the particular signs and symptoms the person may exhibit to indicate alcohol intoxication. The following charts show different blood alcohol levels based on sex, weight, and number of drinks. If you drink faster than your liver can break down alcohol, the alcohol level in your blood will increase and you may start to feel intoxicated (drunk). […]

Drug Addiction vs Drug Dependence

If you were to suddenly stop using it, you would likely experience some harsh symptoms. People who are addicted to a substance use it even if it has no medical benefit. They use addiction vs dependence the substance no matter what and despite the consequences. Addictions are more likely to result in serious harm, including suicide, unlike tolerance and physical […]

What is the difference between addiction & dependence?

Although someone with a drug addiction can end their physical dependence on the drug through detox, the mental component of the addiction remains, and maintaining sobriety can be an ongoing struggle. There has been an evolving understanding that substance misuse relates to a complex set of variables that includes a person’s genetics as well as physical, mental, emotional and social […]