Every anniversary is a milestone in the life of married couples and every couple wants to celebrate it in their own ways to reaffirm their love. Some couples go to exotic locations to relive their honeymoon days while most couples love to spend it with dear ones by throwing a party. Celebrating an anniversary with everyone important in your life is quite similar to the days of weddings and hence, couples prefer it and relive their old memories. If you are looking for an event management company who can organize your anniversary party, Shadow Wedlee is the place for you.

Venue and Hotel for Anniversary– You can opt for a perfect venue for celebrating your anniversary in a grand way. Some people also go to a hotel to throw a party. We have the list of the best, luxurious as well as budget venues and hotels in Odisha for you to choose from. The locations are perfect for everyone’s arrival, photography, and catering service.

Decoration and Photography – Decoration needs to be perfect to make the event grand in the eyes of everyone present. We have a specialized venue decoration service along with lighting and stage design. Moreover, our team of experienced photographers and videographers will make your anniversary extraordinary for the rest of your life.

Catering – No event is complete without a delicious catering service. We are among the best catering services in Odisha. Whether it is a venue or your home, we are ready to serve your guests with your deserved menu items starting from traditional and vegetarian to Chinese, Mexican and even Thai foods.

Apart from that, you can also opt for our makeup and event venue sanitization and disinfecting service.